J & D Corvette was established in 1958 and it is owned and operated by Jaime Garcia and Noe Garcia. Jaime and Noe have been Corvette owners, enthusiasts and restorers for almost 40 years.

Our parts manager Jaime Garcia and our Shop Manager Noe Garcia have a total of some 70 years of Corvette. Our parts people are highly experienced, some of them having over 15 years experience. When you speak to our parts people you deal with Corvette experts, not just computer operators and/or order takers. We have a huge inventory of new and used parts. We have been manufacturing fiberglass panels for over 40 years.

Our mechanics, body men, and painters are equally qualified. They work exclusively on Corvettes, day in and day out. They are equally at home restoring a 1954 Corvette, or troubleshooting an elusive electronic problem with a 2005. There is a reason why so many car show trophy winning Corvettes come out of our shop. We always invite prospective customers to visit the shop to see the work in progress and the results. We believe that it speaks for itself more strongly than anything we could ever say.

Whether you need help in finding that rare and elusive part, or are in need of service, ranging from chasing that elusive and frustrating electronic gremlin out of your late model car to a complete restoration, our people are highly experienced, and as qualified as anyone in the country today. Please call or come in and give us a chance to prove it to you.

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